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Lake Sebu is a town located 3000 above sea level. It has three lakes, Lake Sebu, Lake and Lake Lahitte Seloton. Lake Sebu was named by the largest of the three lakes. Criselda B. Dioso, a native Tboli who informed us about the town, said the lake of Lake Sebu Placid measures 354 hectares. The other two lakes are smaller, Lake Seloton is only 48 acres, while Lake Lahit is 24 hectares. Theresa local myth about how the Lake Sebu came to be. A while ago, a local princess had a dream to come to the mountain states of Sebu. Princess as a big leaf. When she opened a white frog jumped out with a stream of water that flooded the country and became the lake. From the sky she threw these pythons to the earth that formed the islands on the lake. And, for the princess to pass by the lake, signs her brother islands. Sebu The name actually came from the word for more Tboli or leaf.

There are a lot of things we can do at the Lake Sebu Resorts. If you are interested in adventure, extra challenge, swimming, fishing and relaxation we all can find it on Merl Garden Spring Resort also located at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines. , Offers a quality and good services.

Merl's, as the locals often call it, is the first resort, you will find when you enter Lake Sebu. One of the cheapest resort in Lake Sebu, they offer various facilities good for group outings and activities. Zipline They are of different kinds, but is much shorter and a bit boring compared to the 7 ZipLine Falls, still in Lake Sebu. If you plan to stay overnight, Merl Garden also offers cabins for you to sleep in at the lowest price. They have two kinds of cottages, one that can house a maximum of 16 people (double-deck beds) and one for a small group of four. If you are in the Lake Sebu, you do not need an air conditioning unit, because nature itself is your air conditioner. Everything will be really back to basics during your stay at Merl Garden Spring Resort. You do not have TV in your room, the sound of night insects act as a lullaby plus if you're lucky enough, you will be guarded by the resorts horse. The only disadvantage of your stay in Merl is though you do not have a view over the lake. But you can arrange a morning activity, so you can tour the site and visit other resorts with Lake as afacade. Plus, the menu is simple compared to other towns in the area.

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December is a time of family gatherings, a time where we can spend with our family and relatives. It is also a time where we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you are a family that loves adventure and fun, I can recommend a great and suitable place where you can spend your December vacation.

At Merl Garden Spring Resort, you can enjoy the spring swimming pool. It has two pools, for adults and for kids.  The kiddie pool has its slide where the kids can enjoy.  There are a lot of services that they offer.  If you are after of extra challenge, the resort also offers Zipline, Monkey trail, Sky Cable Boat, and many more.

If you will ask if this resort can accommodate many people, I can say, it can. For the reason that it has a lot of cottages, open and close cottages. If you also prefer to stay there for a night, the resort also offers night cottages that can accommodate up to 16 people per room.

You cannot ask for more, coz, lake sebu resorts, offers a very nice place where blooming different colors of flowers around.

I really recommend that you better check this resort at South Cotabato.

<![CDATA[Boat in the Sky Experience]]>Wed, 08 Dec 2010 04:14:47 GMThttp://merlgarden.weebly.com/reviews/boat-in-the-sky-experiencePicture
We often hear about cable boats in Sentosa Singapore, Hong Kong and in other countries. But in my experience in Lake Sebu it’s different, it’s a cable boat. When I first saw it, I can’t help laughing and be amazed of how they put the boat in the sky. It’s so ironic, the boat supposes to be at the water, yet at Lake sebu resorts, its different, it’s in the sky.  

If you will ask how much it is, you can’t believe the price, it is so cheap like in other cable cars. From above you can see the whole view of the resort and how the plants and flowers bloom in different colors. You can also see the whole view of south cotabato and be astounded with big mountains surrounding you.  

                I really recommend that when you pass by South Cotabato, or Lake Sebu better drop by at Merl Garden Spring Resort, where you can also stay there and relax with its Spring Swimming Pool.


<![CDATA[Lake Sebu Zip Line Extra Challenge]]>Tue, 30 Nov 2010 07:54:27 GMThttp://merlgarden.weebly.com/reviews/lake-sebu-zip-line-extra-challenge             When we hear of extra challenge, we felt scared, scared, terrified, and some how excited. Mostly we like challenges, and we enjoy the feeling if we overcome it. Lots of extra challenges popping these days and often they can make your adrenaline goes up.

            I've tried the Zip Line extra challenge in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato Philippines. It was bright, sunny afternoon, I and my friends come in Lake Sebu Resorts. The Resort named Merl Garden Spring Resort. With my friends, we tried the Zip Line, which is one of the best and tourist attractions in their place. You could be in any position, and ride on a Zip Line. This may be seated, while their feet hang and the other is what they call Super Man position. You will use the harness or strap for your safety. Yes, I'm afraid of heights, but it's a different feeling if you overcome it. You want to yell at the top of your lungs while you are on your ride yet at the finish line, you'll be thankful that you are still alive.

            It was great to overcome fear. You must try it. Overcoming fear is facing the challenge and not by suppressing it.


<![CDATA[Luggage Packing Tips]]>Fri, 16 Jul 2010 08:45:26 GMThttp://merlgarden.weebly.com/reviews/first-postLuggage Packing Tips

                Tourists mostly get over excited about the upcoming trips that often forget important things that need to be brought in a trip. Here are some tips:

Important Things need to be brought in Merl Garden?

·         Domestic Airline Ticket- seems noticeable yet most of the time when you’re in a hurry you may overlook your airline Ticket. Make sure you have it when your leave for the airport

·         Money, Wallet, Cash, Credit Cards, ATM cards- You really need this, No one accepts for free.

·         Cell phone, Contact gadgets- handle your phones cautiously

·         Sunglasses

·         Sun Cream

·         Medicines and Toiletries- Keep medicines and toiletries in your checked luggage due to tightened airline security

ü  Soap

ü  Shampoos

ü  Lotion

ü  Toothbrush & Toothpaste

ü  Make Up kit- for women

ü  Pack towel/washcloth 

ü  Insect/ mosquito repellent 

ü  Sewing kit with scissors, tweezers, and needle. (Note: You will need to pack sharp objects in checked baggage due to tightened airline security.)

ü  Aspirin or Tylenol Band-Aids and betadine ointment 

ü  Throat lozenges and cough medicine 

ü  Cold medicine and antihistamines         

·         Basic Clothes

ü  4-5 T-shirts or Blouse (Depending on your desire to wash)

ü  5-8 sets of Underwear

ü  Bathing suits

ü  Long-sleeved shirts / Jacket (It is cold there at night)

ü  Skirts or Dress or loose Pants for women

ü  Good walking shoes

ü  Slippers

ü  3-4 pairs of socks

ü  1-2 bandannas

ü  Wide brimmed sun hat

·         Camera

·         MP3/MP4

·         IPods

·         Pen & Notepads

·         Favorite Books

·         Bible & Devotion Book]]>